A Song of Heroes – Issue 3 – Page 9

As the Red Wizard communes with the amber imprisoned Spy-fly King Dipteros, ruler of the modern day fly people objects to the whole thing and orders the Red Wizard to stop.  While the king is complaining, Spy-fly and The Red Wizard are striking a deal.

A Song of Heroes – Issue 3 – Page 8

The Red Wizard reveals that although this ancient fly they have found in the cave wears the legendary King’s Seal he isn’t the famed King Myiagros but instead the individual responsible for his death.

A Song of Heroes – Issue 2 – Page 23

The rebels blasted Spy-fly with an attack from the Amber Shard in our last page and today you see the result.  We find Spy-fly encased in magical amber.  But the rebels explosions are creating instability within the cave city.

A Song of Heroes – Issue 2 – Page 22

Spy-fly grows back to normal sizes and prepares to attack but unfortunately the rebels have a trick up their sleeve.  They possess an artifact Spy-fly was unaware of called the Amber Shard.  With it the blast Spy-fly with it’s energy.