A Song of Heroes – Issue 2 – Page 10

Although he was certain he was about to deal a death blow to Spy-fly, King Myiagros is taken from behind as Spy-fly utilized his ability to shrink to avoid the King’s attack and also get behind him before growing back to his original size to attack the King.

ASOH – Issue 2 – Page 7

Still oblivious to the fact that his top spy has betrayed him King Myiagros beckons for his guards to deal with the intruders. Spy-fly reminds him that he send his full force to deal with an attack elsewhere in the city that was totally made up by Spy-fly.  Furious King Myiagros attacks Spy-fly!

ASOH – Issue 2 – Page 6

Today the attack begins!  Unfortunately for King Myiagros instead of the rebels attacking far from his castle they have attacked his compound directly.  Of course he would have known this had his minion Spy-fly not… LIED!

ASOH – Issue 2 – Page 5

Today we travel back 2 million years to the time of King Myiagros and Spy-fly.  Spy-fly has informed the king of the impending attack but he has left some key information out and reported elements of the attack incorrectly as well.  What is Spy-fly up to?  We will soon find out.  For now King Myiagros is delighted and praising Spy-fly for a job well done.  Wait until he finds out the truth!

ASOH – Issue 2 – Page 4

Today we see that the King Dipteros has become hopeful that whatever thing the Red Wizard seeks in this cave may also cure the curse.  King Dipteros has also realized he too has now been exposed and likely has the curse now as well.