What is “A Song of Heroes” about?

The mysterious and diversely populated planet of Emphyria has enjoyed many years of peace.  Yes small tribal conflicts arise from time to time, but it has been hundreds of years since the Dark Days or any global calamity.  The Hero Songs tell us of these dark times, weaving stories through song explaining the history of the planet during those bleak times. They tell us of the many heroes who walked the planet protecting it from evil forces.  However now in this time of peace it has been many years since such heroes have been needed or heard from.

Trouble simmers, however, in the form of the Red Wizard who has studied both the Hero Songs and Choas Songs in hopes of discovering the secrets of Emphyria.   What he thinks he has discovered could change the course of life on the planet all together and even then it only scratches the surface of the mysteries to be discovered in this magical land.  Meanwhile, while the Red Wizard seeks out the dark relics that will imbue him with the power he seeks, a hero rises to balance the forces on the planet.  Though this hero comes in an unlikely form he wields an ancient power and mantle well known through Emphyria, that of the mighty Skaldor.  These new battles, quests, and heroes will now inspire a new song to be sung.  A Song of Heroes!