2-17-2015 Issue 1 Page 6

In today’s page Thug-bug moves to discipline the worker that spoke up about the curse in our last page but the Red Wizard stops him and takes matters into his own hands.  While he disciplines the worker he explains to Thug-bug the history of the cave.


2-10-2015 Issue 1 Page 5

In today’s page the Red Wizard explains to Thug-bug that this cave used to house a great fly-men kingdom but there was some catastrophe and it was buried.  One of the fly-men workers takes this as an opportunity to plead to the Red Wizard to let them stop and leave the cave.


1-13-2015 – Page 1 of Issue 1!

This page both wraps up our prologue and also begins the first chapter in “A Song of Heroes”.  In print form this would be first page of Issue 1 while the pages before it would have been in Issue 0 the preview issue.   In this page we see the Thug-bug has reached the cave and is there to lead a special mission for his “father” the Red Wizard.  We see him threatening the fly people workers that are mining the cave for him.


1-6-2015 – Page 5

Its a New Year and a new Tuesday! In today’s page we discover that the Red Wizard used his powers to magically enhance Thug-bug with the strength of other creatures.  He also took Thug-bug in giving him a home and took care of his egg-pod until Thug-bug was born.

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12/30/2014 – Page 4!

In this page the Red Wizard has found Thug-Bugs egg pod.  Using his magic he protects the pod from the blast when the ship explodes.  He then begins to use his magic to make Thug-Bug stronger.

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Page 3!

Since tomorrow is a holiday we decided to present the next page a day early!

In this page we see more of  Thug-bug’s flashback.  In it the Red Wizard is entering the wreckage of the ship.  Thug-bug narrates what he has been told by the Red Wizard, that there are no survivors.  But we see what really happened as the Red Wizard kills the surviving pilot so that he can keep the ships contents for himself.

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12/16/2014 – Page 2!

It sure has been hard waiting all week to share this next page with you all.  Tuesday is finally here though! Yay!

So, in today’s page we see young Thug-Bug’s ship crash landing on the planet of Emphyria.  Thug-Bug is only an egg at this point and was traveling in this ship with his brothers and sisters to escape the destruction of their planet.  We’ll find out more about that some other day though.  For now as we see his ship has crash landed and a mysterious red caped figure has witnessed it.

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12/9/2014 Page One!

We hope you all have enjoyed our last post which was of our preview issue cover.  We now bring you the very first page of our comic book.  Thug-Bug is leading a group of fly-men workers to an abandoned cave.  As they approach the cave Thug-Bug begins to think back to what got him to this moment.

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12/9/2014 Our Journey Begins with our first COVER!

Well it has been a long journey from me having fun creating fantasy OCs for my favorite 80’s properties to where we are today.  I started making original characters around 2006 and a few years back thought hey I have enough characters and stories to go with them that I could easily spin them off into their own world.  And that’s what we’ve done.  I welcome you to the planet of Emphyria where our story takes place.   Many well known characters now live here together some in peace and some not so much.  Many will recognize Spy-Fly as one of the Winners of the former He-man.org fan staction contest held by the brilliant sculptor and illustrator Thomas Tolman.  We will actually see Spy-Fly right away as he is a main player in the first several issues.  Another winner of Thomas’ staction contest is Wraptor who will eventually be making himself known in the world of Emphyria.  We also have Skaldor of course, our main hero, and Unicra, Ickthia, Thug0bug… the list goes on and on.

Over the following weeks we will be revealing a page a week of this exciting new comic.  New pages will be posted on Tuesdays.  I have to thank Jazyl Homavasir and Santosh Pillewar for all they have contributed to the pages to follow.  Jazyl is our line artist,  I write, and Santosh is our colorist.  I’d like to also thank Eric Marshall who has been hard at work creating our bio cards which you’ll get to see in the hard copy of our preview issue once it comes out.

And finally I’d like to talk about the first page we have just posted.  The cover to our “0” issue illustrated by the amazing Dheeraj Verma!  In print form our zero issue will come with the first 6 pages of our comic, a bunch of exciting bio cards by Eric Marshall, and other fun information about the series.  So we wanted to capture both the events of the first few pages of the comic as well as have some of the characters featured in the bios present.   So here we have the mighty Thug-Bug front and center since the first pages of the comic deal with him substantially.  Also you’ll see Spy-Fly and Skaldor major players, as well as Ickthia and Wraptor who we will get to later as the comic goes on.

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What is “A Song of Heroes” about?

The mysterious and diversely populated planet of Emphyria has enjoyed many years of peace.  Yes small tribal conflicts arise from time to time, but it has been hundreds of years since the Dark Days or any global calamity.  The Hero Songs tell us of these dark times, weaving stories through song explaining the history of the planet during those bleak times. They tell us of the many heroes who walked the planet protecting it from evil forces.  However now in this time of peace it has been many years since such heroes have been needed or heard from.

Trouble simmers, however, in the form of the Red Wizard who has studied both the Hero Songs and Choas Songs in hopes of discovering the secrets of Emphyria.   What he thinks he has discovered could change the course of life on the planet all together and even then it only scratches the surface of the mysteries to be discovered in this magical land.  Meanwhile, while the Red Wizard seeks out the dark relics that will imbue him with the power he seeks, a hero rises to balance the forces on the planet.  Though this hero comes in an unlikely form he wields an ancient power and mantle well known through Emphyria, that of the mighty Skaldor.  These new battles, quests, and heroes will now inspire a new song to be sung.  A Song of Heroes!