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Progress on our Thug-bug Staction


Thought we would show you all some of the progress pictures of the upcoming Thug-bug staction.  Click on the image to see it bigger.

The staction is 8 inches tall and sculpted by Simon Grell with refinements in wax by Evan Thomas.  Thug-bug is a massive figure and is taking us a lot of time to finish but it will be worth it when he is done.  Please comment here if you are interested in getting one of these Thug-bug stactions!

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We have started a GOFUNDME page to help raise money to print volume 2 of our comic.  Please consider pledging there to help us achieve this new milestone by clicking here or by clicking on the GOFUNDME button to the right.  Every dollar helps and we appreciate your support in helping us continue bringing this comic to you both online and in hard copy format.

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Check out The Beast Legion!

Today we would like to feature a project by our line artist Jazyl Homavazir!  Jazyl is the creator of “THE BEAST LEGION” which is a fantasy adventure manga he produces out of India.  In fact, it is the first manga to ever be created in India!  Do check it out when you get a chance!

“THE BEAST LEGION” can be found by clicking here!

Jazyl posts new pages on Tuesdays and already has 13 issues posted! 13! Go read them all now! Also check them out on facebook by clicking here!

******PRESS RELEASE****** August-2017

AUGUST, 2017

Treble Comics, a new independent comic book publisher based in New York City, has released their new trade paperback edition of A Song of Heroes this month.  Written and created by Patrick Ireland the TPB has line art by Jazyl Homavasir, the creator of India’s first manga The Beast Legion, and main colors by Santosh Pillewar. The trio have spent the last two years preparing this book for publication and it has finally arrived after completing a successful Kickstarter campaign last year. 

A Song of Heroes is a Sci-Fantasy comic book that started life as a web comic and then moved into the hard copy format.  If you loved He-man and the Masters of the Universe, Dungeons and Dragons, and Thundercats growing up then this may be the book for you. In fact, A Song of Heroes has been dubbed an unofficial spin-off of properties such as these.  While not actually being linked to them its characters and stories are meant to emulate them and be able to seamlessly fit into those worlds as a sort of side story or meanwhile on another planet adventure.

Volume 1 of A Song of Heroes is entitled “The Amber Prison” and contains a 7-page mini comic detailing Thug-bug’s origin.  This mini comic has line art by Jazyl Homavasir and colors by Vivek Nag.  The mini comic is followed by 3 full sized issues introducing us to the story’s main villain, The Red Wizard who is currently employing Dipteraki workers to excavate a nearby cave.  While we discover what he is looking for a flashback story serves as an origin story for his minion Spy-fly. Following the story content is over 15 pages of bonus material including creator and character bios, concept art, and a sneak peek at what is to come.  All together this trade has been touched by many professional artists from the fan community including Patrick Ireland (Treble Comics), Jazyl Homavasir (The Beast Legion), Santosh Pillewar (Sadashiv Creatives), Vivek Nag (Creative Connect), Cody Constable, Leanne Hannah (My Little Ponies, Transformers), Eric Marshall (He-man: Newspaper Comic Strips HC), Andrew Cramer (MVC’s Masters of the Universe,  The Lil Five), Dheeraj Verma (Lady Death, Transformers), Bojan Andjelkovic and Rey Arzeno (RageGear Studios).


A Song of Heroes Volume 1 is currently available for purchase online at  Single issues of the first 4 issues contained in the trade are also available there as are preorders for Volume 2 of the series. For more information, check them out on Facebook at

Click to download ASOH Press- Release


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Three New Bios Uploaded!

We uploaded three new bios to our characters section of the site.  I’ll post them here in this post but to see all our character bios head over to:


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Kickstarter a success!

With all the issues with the site after it was hacked I realize I never made a post HERE about how the kickstarter went.  It was a success and we were funded.  We hit our goal and just a bit more with a total of $3037.oo!  What this means is our comic can go to print and be sold in stores and conventions.  Depending on the level you contributed at during the kickstarter you will also be mailed copies.  We are very excited to be taking this next step with all of you and a huge thanks to all who supported us!

If you missed our kickstarter and would still like to donate to help keep our comic alive you can do so at our GOFUNDME site.  Here is the link to that:


Our Kickstarter is now live! If you are enjoying our comic please take a moment to watch the video below and head over to our kickstarter to pledge.  We have some great rewards!  Also if you would share our kickstarter link on your social media that would help us a lot too. Here is that link: