About us

10367136_830677683593_5585888162794240946_nPatrick Ireland (Writer and Creator)

Patrick Ireland is a classical singer who resides in New York City.  While singing is his profession he has always dreamed of writing his own comic.   Patrick grew up on a steady diet of 80’s cartoons and comics watching He-man and the Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, Silver Hawks and reading many DC and Marvel comics.    After years of designing charcters for fun he finally decided to group them together and create the world of Emphyria and write about them, creating the comic A Song of Heroes.  Because of his backround as a singer you’ll find a lot of musical influence in A Song of Heroes.

jazJazyl Homavazir (Line Art)

Jazyl Homavazir is an aspiring 2d animator , freelance Illustrator from Mumbai, India, with a diploma in Animation. He’s done work on several projects both corporate & personal including his amazing “The Beast Legion” manga. Like Patrick, he is also a big fan of 80′s shows like He-man & Thundercats which he admits have made alot of impact on his choice of being an artist & Animator & in some respects even coming up with the idea of the Beast Legion. His favourite anime include Naruto & Fullmetal alchemist but the full list goes on & on.  You can check more of my art & commission works over at http://jazylh.deviantart.com

santoshSantosh Pillewar (Colorist)

Santosh P. Pillewar ,is a well know comic illustrator(colorist) in  the field of digital illustration and media and the owner of “Sadashiv Creatives” . He has worked for  some of the major comic book companies and other medias like animation from India and abroad  like Level 10 Entertainment , Digicore Studios, Pen 2 print media, DC Comic, Holy Cow Entertainment, Puma , Chariot Comic , Forthcoming publication, Yali Dream creation, Emami Reank Ross Ltd, Duckbill, Anitracks, Bonfire blue comics, ROBB Entertainment, Annadale comics, Aayumi Productions and Ascent Advertising Pvt. Ltd. . Some of the main work he provides are full comic production from  illustration to lettering and covers, background art and concepts for animation and other illustration and coloring works. He  has been working on his studio based on Mumbai for the last few years with his team (Sadashiv Creatives). For more info log on to http://santoshpillewar.wix.com/sanp

Eric Marshall (Bio Artist and Branding)